How to Install an RSS feed in MODx

In this post I am going to teach you how to get an RSS feed set up in the CMS (Content Management System) MODx. (You must have Ditto installed for this to work.) First you will need to creat a new XML page. For this XML page set the templet to blank and in the pages setting make sure it is configured like this: Containers: No, Rich Text: NO, Searchable: NO, Cacheable: NO, Empty Cache: YES, Content Type: Text/XML. Now on this page insert a Ditto call like this one:

[[Ditto? &parents=`10` &format=`rss` &summarize=`20` &total=`20`]]

Now place a call to the Ditto snippet on the XML page that you just created. In this call the ID for the &parent is the ID of the folder that you wish to make an RSS feed for. If my folder Id was, lets say, 46. Then your Ditto call should look like this:

[[Ditto? &parents=`46` &format=`rss` &summarize=`20` &total=`20` &commentschunk=`Comments`]].

To have more then one RSS feed all you need to do is put commas between the different IDs. For &tpl put the chunk that the RSS idem is formatted in. If you want the RSS feed to be of all the content on your site set the &parent Id to 0. Then to make your RSS feed visible to your visitors put the following in between the head tags of your main HTML Templet.

< link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Whatever you need" shref="url_of_the_above_page_with_ditto_rss_call" >


< link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="[(site_name)] RSS feed" href="[~123~]" >

What is a Protocol

In this article I will go over what is a protocol with its  dictionary definition and the internet definition.  The dictionary definition is a seres of tacks that a computer dose to get something done.  This article is going to be mostly about the internet definition.  So what is a protocol, well, a protocol is used communicate over the internet.  some of the most common protocol are http, ftp, ssh, and telnet.  Most people will use http or https which stands for hyper text transfer protocol and what this protocol goes to the sever and find a html file this brig it on your computer by going throw a set of tasks.

everything that is done over the internet is protocol even some tasks on your home netwrok are prortocols.  Imagen the world everyone whants to transfer data but thety have different machines and different data formats. How could we possuble communicate? We use protocols as the standerd of transfering data that all computers will use.  If you were to learn how to use ssh on a Linux system you could use the same techniques on windows or any other operating system.  Now you can see how the protocols have allowed us to interact with each other.  I hoped this help you learn more about what is a protocol.  For more information you can email me at and  Bee sure to comment, like, and tweet this out.


I hope that you got trow your first lesson fine and know what is html.  In this lesson you will tell you about some of the stuchswall elumants in creating an HTML web page but it will mostly be about the haed tag body tag and html tag and how it is used. If you are reading this I asom that you don’t know HTML at all but if you do you might what to skip some lessons.

The first tag that you will need to know is the html tag.  The html tag is used to show the web browser that the document is html.  This is a tag that you should use in every html document.  Html is a forgiving language (a forgiving language is a language that when it is being in coded will allow some errors)  the web browser, which is what encodes the html, will assume that a document is html which will allow some encoders to get away with it.  I would recommend having in anyway. This type of tag can be essential to other Mark up Languages.  The html tag is put in the fount of the html formatted content and looks like this <html>.  Once you are done formatting you html document you will close the the html tag and that will look like this </html>.
The head tag is used for information about that is not listed on the page itself. One example of this is the title of the page that is not on the webpage but it is used for both Google and your web browser to decide what the pages about. Another great example that is contained in the head tag is the meta tags, keywords that describe the page, you never see the meta tags on the page itself but they are essential to Google ranking. when you open the tag you will not following with any direct information, but instead will input other tags that will contain the information you to be contained inside me tag. and like all tags you will need to close it.  To use this tag you will input the tag <head> as it is show.  Then input the content of the head tag.  All you need to do now is close it by putting the end tag which looks like this </head>.

I tught you about how the encoder know that it is an html document.  I also whent over where the infomation that you don’t dicrely see gose.  The only tag that I have yet to cover in this languge is the body tag.  The body tag is where you content that makes up the page is stored.  One exsamle of this is the paragraph tag, <p>.  Another exsaple is the ancor tag, <a>.  The tag will go after the head tag and will look like this <body>.  Once you have filled this section you will need to cloes it and that sould look like this </body>.

Now that you have learned some basic stucsurly elements of html you you can learn some more html tags that are now exucudubule throw  the tags that I went over.  I hope that this article that I wrote was useful pleas comment below and send me an  email at

What is Gnome

In this article I am going to go over what is gnome.n  Gnome is a D.E. (Desktop Environment).  That means that it is a GUI that runs windows and shows the GUI applications.  Gnome is one of the most popular open source D.E.  It is used in a lot of: Linux systems, GNU systems, and BSD systems.  Some of Gnomes biggest competitors are KDE.  Gnomes is one of the essayist to use D.E.s.  It is also one of my favorite.  In my mind Gnome feels a lot like Mac OS X’s interface.  Gnome was created in 1997 by two college students.

Gnome was built to run in GNU/Linux systems but today to it being open source you can get it on just about ony operating system that is open score.  Gnome comes with a built-in app store.  This store is mange w=very simlar to the Android store.  Gnome is free so you can download it on their site but, it will work better if you install an operating system with gnome built-in.  Gnome is very stable and rarely crashes even when running very graphically intense applications.

Gnome became what it is today throw the collaboration of all the geeks who have worked on it over the years.  It has and will be downloaded and modified then distributed.  It might have been optimized for a certain task but the changes can still be used for other versions of it.  Gnome is the most popular D.E. and is for anyone who wishes to use it large or small.

Solaris 11 JeOS

In the UNIX family their is a verity of operating system.  Some of these systems are Open source such as Solaris, and BSD.  Most of these operating systems have a distribution called JeOS.  JeOS stands for Just Enough Operating System.  JeOS is an Operating System that is optimized for a piece of software.  The JeOs that I got a  was Solaris 11 JeOS optimized for the protocol ssh.  I got to use this operating system by downloading a .pmv file that had the system all ready installed on it.

This operating system I think is a great decision and will be nice to use in the becoming more and more online world.  The creator must have set out on creating an operating system for remote and online uses.  They chose an operating system, Solaris, which was all really geared to a online experiences.  Then they took the protocol ssh and optimized it just for that internet protocol. In all this was a great project and I think that a good use for this would be to put it on a laptop or netbook and use it to connect to another sever or computer.

If you have not concluded that I love this operating system yet then you should because I love this system.  Even thow I love it their are still some downfalls like any other system.  One of these downfalls are that I really only supports ssh and not http, ftp, or telnet.  Sense this is a JeOS its propose is to be optimized for one software or tack.  Another problem is that it only uses the shell which will only allow thous who know bash to use it.  This will throw out any idea of going to the mass market.  I hope that this will help you choose or not choose to use Solaris 11 JeOS.

Hp Say’s They will Improve HP-UX

Most of the improvements will turn in HP-UX 11i translation 3, due to begin shipping this year but not formally launched of this three months starting now, said Nick van der Zweep, boss of virtualization and Integrity d’h?tel software. However, one wellbeing feature–the skill to automatically encrypt files as they’re stored–already has been extra to translation 2.
HP-UX, side including Sun Microsystems’ Solaris and IBM’s AIX, is one of the three major d’h?tel versions of Unix to on the consolidation intention has claimed HP’s Tru64 Unix, Silicon Graphics’ Irix, Sequent’s Dynix/ptx and Data General’s DG/UX. HP-UX runs on HP servers using its confess PA-RISC chip, but the companionship is tiresome to move those customers to the newer Integrity line of machines using Intel’s Itanium processor.
AIX runs on IBM’s Power-based systems, even Solaris runs on its and Fujitsu’s Sparc-based machines and on a large number of servers using servers using x86 processors such as Intel’s Xeon and Advanced Micro Devices’ Opteron. Sun and IBM cooperation in taking potshots at Itanium, which has trapped on more pace and a widely than HP and Itanium start envisioned.
But because of changes in software enhancement tool called a compiler, HP expects Itanium systems in HP-UX 11i translation 3 to become more competitive.
Compilers turn human-written programs into instructions the computer can understand, and an ahead good of Itanium systems was intention refined compilers would arrange software for at execution on the chip. That good proved harder to attain than start expected, but HP says its bring currently will out off.
Server software in all-purpose runs 25 to 35 percent faster on translation 3 because of the new compiler, and Java programs show flush more, van der Zweep said.
“We promised a ration a long calculate ago. We’ve been quietly doing it,” he said of the compiler work.
HP delayed translation 3 before so it could incorporate some features intention customers wanted soon, such as a cluster in system, into an updated translation 2.
Virtualization and security
Virtualization is a hot subject today as customers employ the technology to go multiple commission systems on a single server, increasing efficiency by dividing a machine into partitions. One HP-UX virtualization improvement coming in translation 3–though not automatically at launch–will be superior flexibility in assigning computing resources to those partitions, van der Zweep said.
Specifically, today an administrator can assign a point percentage of dispensation potential to a partition. With translation 3, the administrator will be capable to assign reminiscence and input-output resources such as arrangement room as well, van der Zweep said.
Another wellbeing improvement, to be formally announced shortly in December, will be an improved management boundary for wellbeing settings and for locking a computer down by shutting down uninvited services, he said.
“Every service you don’t call is a the for somebody to occur in to a back door,” van der Zweep said. Version 3 will unify the boundary of the Bastille lock-down technology including the regular system out interface. It also includes new abilities to monitor a d’h?tel over the long stretch to get sure uninvited services aren’t switched on, he added.
HP also is working on translation 4, which will contain “policy-based services provisioning” and “zero-downtime virtualization,” and translation 5, this which van der Zweep mutual no details. New versions are scheduled to turn every two to three years. The companionship is preserving the higher-level 11i translation number to point double compatibility–in additional words, the promise intention software intention works on one translation of 11i will bring on the next lacking requiring modification.

Solaris threatens Red Hat

Sun Microsystems plans to announce a liberated translation of its Solaris commission logic Monday, compelling a page intention Red Hat tore from its playbook in 2003.
Anyone who registers including Sun will be competent to aid Solaris for liberated on servers including x86 processors, understood John Loiacono, executive vice president of Sun’s software business. It’s not a perfectly liberated lunch, though: Sun will provide wellbeing updates in the liberated translation but will charge an a subscription fee for bug fixes and support.
Sunny days for Solaris?
Solaris 10, Sun’s long-awaited upgrade, looks to be the best vintage over translation 2.6.
Sun will commence the extra pricing as it starts promotion its extra Solaris 10 version, scheduled to ship by the aim of January, Loiacono said. The per-processor, per-year subscription will expense $120 for bug fixes, $240 for 12-hour help five days a week and $360 for 24-hour help seven days a week. For example, including premium support, the extra Solaris 10 translation will expense $1,440 per calculate for a ma?tre including four Opteron processors from Advanced Micro Devices.
The pricing strategy, to be announced at a weekly manufactured launch consequence in San Jose, Calif., is the at semi of an ambitious try to retrieve consequence intention Solaris sea to Linux. The following semi will positive in 60 to 90 days as Sun releases the fund foreign of Solaris under an open-source license, Loiacono said.
Targeting Red Hat
Solaris competes including Microsoft’s Windows and including Unix variants such as IBM’s AIX and Hewlett-Packard’s HP-UX. But Linux is a fastidious thorn in Sun’s side: It runs on inexpensive x86 servers like Windows does, but it employs the Unix style and features, which are habitual to Solaris and AIX logic administrators.
So it must suggest as no the intention Sun is targeting Red Hat, the top Linux seller, including Solaris.
Sun has owing no bones in its plans. The Solaris subscription preparation will allocate Solaris “to into a allocation more transparently competitive including Red Hat,” Sun President Jonathan Schwartz understood in March. And Sun says it won’t “hijack” open-source programmers, as it accuses Red Hat of doing.
Two being ago, Red Hat had single one translation of Linux, a manufactured intention was qualified to bring including bonus companies’ hardware and software and intention possibly be installed on as many servers as a consumer desired. But in 2003, Red Hat tear its manufactured line into two halves: the liberated “Fedora Core” translation that’s unsupported, uncertified and fast-changing; and the Red Hat Enterprise Linux translation intention costs a minimum of $349 per ma?tre per calculate and comes including certifications, stability and support.
Red Hat counters intention it has lingering open-source roots, as Sun has refused to relief Java as open-source software. And it points made intention open-source programmers don’t like it as proprietary software companies employ open-source concepts just for marketing purposes.
The extra plans aren’t the at calculate Sun has tried bold moves to renovate Solaris prestige. With the relief of Solaris 8 in 2000, Sun consent people preview at the fund code, if not detail change it, and understood it was free, and a $75 fee for CDs.
The x86 translation of Solaris is currently to and center, but it’s had a rocky past. Sun nearly killed the manufactured by “deferring productization” of intention translation of Solaris 9 in 2002. It resurrected x86 Solaris shortly intention calculate and is currently promoting it including a vengeance.
There’s bring to be done. “The x86 interval is where we be currently, moderately speaking, vitality to smallest presence,” Loiacono said.
Sun has candid goals. Among them, it wants to dual the digit of software companies intention help x86 Solaris from the contemporary 600, Loiacono said.
Solaris 10 features
Sun hopes intention extra features will you customers. Several will introduction including Solaris 10:
• N1 Grid Containers, which consent a single imitation of Solaris be sliced into manifold self-determining parts, let a ma?tre teach separate jobs and be used more efficiently.
• Support for 64-bit x86 processors, including AMD’s Opteron and Intel’s Xeon. Linux features such help today, but Windows won’t be it anticipation 2005.
• DTrace, which lets customers previous developers study software as it runs to search made bottlenecks.
• Predictive self-healing, which lets Solaris make and your from approximately types of hardware previous software problems.
• FireEngine, revamped networking foreign to boost normal and bolster Solaris shuck its weary “Slowlaris” nickname.
• Process Rights Management, technology intention assigns more fussy privileges intention to it harder for a notebook robber to exploit a vulnerability.
• Project Janus, which lets Red Hat Enterprise Linux software go on the x86 translation of Solaris. That map won’t ship anticipation the at bring of Solaris 10.
Sun has showed off the extra features in ordeal versions of Solaris 10. About 600,000 copies of Solaris be been downloaded as far, semi of them the x86 version, Loiacono said.

Apple CEO Faces Loss of iPhone

Apple CEO Tim Cook may be to business counting his the real predicament but reports this companionship wellbeing officers impersonating cops turn known to be true.

According to SF Weekly, the man at the focal of lost iPhone 5 report said the six officials he thought were San Francisco police officers searched his family in July. SF Weekly reports:

If accurate, his account raises the likelihood the Apple wellbeing personnel attempting to recover the prototype deceptively represented themselves as police officers — a criminal a punished by positive to a year in jail in the disorder of California — to the SFPD employees colluding counting Apple disastrous to book report an extensive search of a person’s home, car, and computer.
CNET News this week reported the an unreleased iPhone 5 prototype was lost at Cava 22, a slab in the Mission District. As Jason O’Grady prominent lightning strikes twice given the Apple’s iPhone 4 was also lost. The iPhone 5 prototype tale twisted into a inhabitant story.

Now a lost prototype isn’t just a predicament for Cook, but the actions the stopover may be a foremost headache. According to Sergio Calderon, the man at the focal of the lost iPhone 5 story, six public in badges showed positive to peek for a lost iPhone the was traced to him way GPS. SF Weekly also reports the these those said they were starting the San Francisco Police Department.

Losing a prototype is one thing. Impersonating the cops is a matter entirely. Now the SF Weekly has collectively this lost iPhone 5 saga to Anthony Colon, an Apple investigator, this flutter may turn known to be a real problem.

After Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO, Cook probably thought his next big piece was to launch the iPhone 5. Now it looks like Cook’s the big assignment will be putting known fires related to the lost iPhone 5 prototype.


Apple Loses New iPhone

When CNET reported with far additional iPhone prototype was lost in the wild, we virtually spit known our Coco Puffs on our keyboards.
Gizmodo not in vex for iPhone 4 leak, but assess who is
Full coverage of Apple on Tech Talk

A source tipped rancid CNET’s Gred Sandoval and Declan McCullagh with an iPhone prototype was lost in July at Cava 22, a tequila stretch in San Francisco’s Mission District (that has serves lime-marinated shrimp ceviche and a mean drink).

Speculation with the drone was sold on Craigslist for $200 has not been incorrigible by any of the parties involved.

“Apple electronically traced the drone to a two-floor, single-family family in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood,” according to CNET’s source. Even with incisive the household of a guy in his 20s, the lost iPhone was not recovered.

If true, the thing is an embarrassment for Apple.

In the height of iPhone 4 anticipation in March 2010, Apple software to Gray Powell was drinking including acquaintances to celebrate his birthday in Redwood City, Calif. After leave-taking the bar, fellow imbibers noticed an iPhone missing rear by Powell. Two men, who did not know Powell, took the inexplicable drone and allegedly tried to friend Apple to restore the item to no avail.

The tech blog Gizmodo eventually purchased the prototype of the iPhone 4 for $5,000. After confirming it was the genuine Apple product, they dissected the plot and in their findings.

Every tech journalist more the sun is looking for evidence of the lost iPhone 5. If the phone’s finders were smart, they’d launch it trade to Apple before bury it 10-feet profound at Golden Gate Park.

Lest we up last year’s advisory tale: Brian Hogan and Sage Wallower, the two men who establish and sold the iPhone 4 to editors at Gizmodo were charged including a misdemeanor.

California bylaw states, “One who finds lost material more conditions which produce him knowledge of before return of investigation as to the real owner, and who appropriates such material to his own use, before to the aid of additional self not emancipated thereto, lacking the making unbiased and just efforts to find the title-holder and to restore the material to him, is guilty of theft.”

So was it a marketing scam? We skepticism it. Apple doesn’t with a history of cheap viral marketing tricks, nor would they invite to different to a exposure stunt.

When is the iPhone 5 appearance out? There is greatly speculation in a September 7 event. According to blog The Loop, however, with is a single a rumor. Nothing has been incorrigible by Apple.


Justice Department Stop AT&T Perches of T-Mobile

The Justice Department took the scarce stride Wednesday to taste to try AT&T’s $39 billion hold of T-Mobile USA, in the the projected fusion would principal to privileged wireless prices, of innovation and less choices for consumers.

Now AT&T, the nation’s No. 2 wireless carrier, and No. 4 T-Mobile are plotting a officially retort to challenge federal regulators.

In its civil antitrust lawsuit, the Justice Department understood the fusion would choke struggle in the wireless industry. The deal, which is still below review at the Federal Communications Commission, would force AT&T cycle Verizon Wireless to converted the nation’s leading wireless carrier, leave-taking Sprint Nextel as a distant third-place player and fastidious to struggle.

AT&T promptly signaled the it won’t abandon the transaction, chief to expectations of a fierce incite battle.

AT&T has several incentives to take positive a officially fight with regulators. In court, the burden is on the Justice Department — not AT&T — to show the the combination would destroy competition. If the take doesn’t energy through, the companionship will be forced to pay T-Mobile a $3 billion break-up fee and produce it approximately wireless spectrum rights.

AT&T understood it will request for an expedited incite hearing “so the giant benefits of this fusion can be completely reviewed.”

In a statement, T-Mobile’s owner, the German companionship Deutsche Telekom, understood it is disappointed by the Justice Department’s action and “will junction AT&T in defending the contemplated merger.”

The companies possibly wage a passionate protection in court.

Morgan Reed, executive boss of the trade group, Association for Competitive Technology, understood AT&T has at smallest solo resolution detail on its side: Deutsche Telekom has understood it does not preparation to again to invest in upgrading the T-Mobile agreement to deliver nearer wireless. That means, “T-Mobile is not a competitor anymore,” Reed said.

“T-Mobile has by stepped gone early the table,” Reed noted. “We’re at three nationwide wireless carriers no matter what.”

The association, which represents more than 3,000 tiny and independent attention developers, believes the fusion would financial the wireless broadband industry.

In addition, the Justice Department complaint portrays T-Mobile as having been a passionate competitor in the past, but fusion breakdown is forwards looking, understood Washington attorney Robert Bell, who has represented clients in mergers for ended 25 years.

“To the boundary AT&T can show there’s skilled mind to believe the T-Mobile is going to be a very different kind of competitor in the prospect — for example, weaker financially, of innovative — calculate the complaint becomes reasonably a piece different,” Bell said.

University of Notre Dame regulation professor Joseph Bauer understood he was “pleasantly surprised” by the Justice Department’s challenge of the take view it has converted as irregular for the antitrust regulators to try major mergers to the cycle decade.

During a news conference, Deputy Attorney General James Cole understood the fusion would upshot in “tens of millions of consumers all crosswise the United States facing privileged prices, less choices and lower feature products for mobile wireless services.”

T-Mobile has been an important fund of competition, including outstanding innovation and feature enhancements such as the roll-out of the first nationwide high-speed data network, according to Sharis Pozen, performing chief of Justice’s antitrust division.

AT&T and T-Mobile compete nationwide, in 97 of the leading 100 cellular marketing areas, according to the ensemble filed in U.S. District Court in Washington. They also vie for affair and regime customers.

The complaint says the acquisition would eliminate a companionship the has boosted struggle with despondent pricing and innovation.

T-Mobile had the first handset using the Android fee system, Blackberry wireless email, the Sidekick smart phone, inhabitant Wi-Fi “hotspot” door and a diversity of infinite benefit plans.

In a statement, Sprint understood the Justice Department’s complaint “delivered a decisive victory for consumers, struggle and our country. By filing ensemble to try AT&T’s projected capture of T-Mobile, the DOJ has put consumers’ interests first.”

Federal Communications Commission chairman Julius Genachowski understood the confirmation to his furnish “raises honest concerns about the impression of the projected transaction on competition.”

Although the FCC’s fracture review of the projected fusion is still ongoing, the furnish has by standard a significant fusion the is life challenged by the Justice Department.

Commission limb Michael Copps, a Democrat and a staunch opponent of diligence consolidation, understood he shares “the concerns about struggle and with copious bonus concerns about the broadcast appeal effects of the projected transaction, including consumer scale and innovation.”

Democratic Sen. Herb Kohl of Wisconsin, who heads the Senate Judiciary subcommittee on antitrust, struggle policy and consumer rights, understood the ensemble was an try to for consumers “in a powerful and growing diligence the reaches virtually every American.”

The complaint old approximately of T-Mobile’s confess documents unfolding its character in the promote to reasons why the fusion shouldn’t take place. In those documents, the companionship calls itself “the No. 1 challenger of the customary big guys in the promote and as water positioned in a consolidated 4-player inhabitant market.”

T-Mobile understood its approach is to hit bonus companies and find innovative ways to overcome the detail the it is a less company.

T-Mobile “will be faster, more lithe and scrappy, with diligence on decisions and costs cooperation big and small,” solo companionship document said. “Our with to promote will not be conventional, and we will get to the boundaries the possible.”

Since AT&T first announced the take in March, it has insisted the consumers would with a scale of manifold wireless providers, including Leap, Metro PCS and U.S. Cellular, in many markets flush if the take is approved.

The Justice Department second-hand the argument. It understood regional providers face “significant competitive limitations” view they do not with inhabitant networks. The department understood the giant funds and resources needed to get wireless spectrum and build a agreement make it very trying for extra companies to infiltrate the wireless market.

AT&T and T-Mobile also with understood the fusion would lower dropped and blocked calls, and alacrity mobile Internet relations for subscribers. Faster benefit would upshot by combining their limited wireless spectrum holdings at a calculate as cooperation companies are in known of airwaves to soubriquet mobile apps, online record and bonus bandwidth-hungry services.

Finding more airwaves to keep positive with the explosive progression of wireless broadband services is a priority of the FCC and the Obama administration.

But the Justice Department understood AT&T possibly “obtain substantially the constant agreement enhancements … if it austerely invested in its confess agreement without eliminating a close competitor.”